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De Schrijvers: a city garden for the 21st century

16 December 2020

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We end the year with a lot of great new projects to work on. But also with some non-winning tenders for which we were able to create a plan that we have come to love anyway. Like the design for Pré Wonen in Haarlem. MUST's urban plan took the character of the neighborhood and the preservation of trees as its starting point. In a Design & Build commissioned by Thunissen, we designed an ensemble of social housing buildings that embrace the great qualities of the post-war garden city, and enhance them with today's knowledge. Living at ground level creates a greater sense of social security, and open end walls with living rooms create a lively, all-sided character. Great flexibility in the floor plans serves a very diverse target group. Quiet grid structures in the brick facade, both front and back, then provide a recognizable identity and timeless quality.