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Arnhem is ready for it

27 January 2021

LEVS Broerenstraat foto7
LEVS Broerenstraat foto2

Last summer, our project on the Broerenstraat in Arnhem was completed. Commissioned by Stadswaarde we designed 18 luxury apartments above a plinth with stores and restaurants. For the design we were inspired by the building from the reconstruction period that stood on this spot. The spacious apartments are bright, have views of the square and a spacious veranda to the quiet and sunny inner area. The facade is open, the articulated sectioning in the masonry gives the building a rich character. The horizontal bands refer to the post-war architecture and at the same time give each house space for a French balcony to enjoy the urban life. The end at the corner is lavish and does justice to this new prominent spot in Arnhem.