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A Russian Autumn with LEVS

11 October 2021

Ruslandkaart nieuwsbrief1

This fall, we’re happy to take you on a tour of several Russian projects. We are currently working on 9 designs in 5 different cities. They include 4 active building sites, 4 urban masterplans and 1 early phase architectural design. Not to forget 1 recently delivered plan! The pandemic had made real visits difficult, so time for a virtual one!

The Russian projects hold a special place in our work. As Marianne previously wrote: “Our Russian projects are not some sort of export product: Dutch urbanism and architecture, built in Russia. They are a marriage between Dutch livability and the local history and culture of cities like Yekaterinburg, Kazan and Tomsk. Dutch livability transcends aesthetics and architecture. It’s the translation of an open society as we have known it for centuries into a build environment.”