LEVS fulfills its social responsibility by contributing to a sustainable society in various ways.

  • Since 2005, we have been designing buildings in Mali for the Partners Pays-Dogon foundation free of charge. We want to contribute to the development of this society with our architecture. With respect for the existing, special culture.
  • We support the professional debate and sponsor architecture centres ARCAM in Amsterdam and ABC in Haarlem.
  • We sponsor and guide children during the annual events of Archikidz Haarlem.
  • We endorse the BNA's Circular Architecture Manifesto.
  • We opt for sustainable transport. We drive electric cars or travel by public transport and bicycle.
  • We have several electric charging points available for visitors below our building.
  • We work in an all-electric office that is sustainably heated and cooled by an air-cooled heat pump.
  • We are constantly taking new measures to work more sustainably, such as installing LED lighting throughout the building and greening our office.
  • We work with local suppliers.