The Social City

  • 28 April 2021
  • By Thijs van Stigt
A photographic report of life in and around Breehorn IJdoornlaan. This series was made as a result of the selection of Breehorn IJdoornlaan for the Golden A.A.P. 2021, organized by Arcam.

The Waterlandplein neighborhood is a vibrant and diverse residential neighborhood, where a wide variety of life styles converge. There are the families who need more space, the young people who are living independently for the first time, ones who come from outside the city or from another part of the city, people with a recent migration background and people whose ancestors already lived in the expansion areas around the old harbors or even along the historic dikes of Nieuwendam and Schellingwoude.

With the renovated Waterlandplein across the street, Breehorn IJdoornlaan is located at a busy social and economic intersection. It gives life along the facade an urban dynamic. At the rear, it overlooks a quiet neighborhood with an elementary school and the greenery of rural North. And with the expansion of the city, inner-city life is now a stone's throw away here. In the three buildings of Breehorn IJdoornlaan all these lives and environments come together. Living here means being at the center of society. There is room for real living quality, both in the size, layout and orientation of the homes, and in an architecture that residents can proudly call their home.

Time to take a look at what that looks like: who lives here and how is the neighborhood doing?

"I love the peace and quiet here, and that while the city is just around the corner."

"Despite all the changes, the neighborhood still feels like the same, like our neighborhood."