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Shaping Cities Creating Communities Making Homes

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Shaping Cities Creating Communities Making Homes

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Shaping Cities Creating Communities Making Homes

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Shaping Cities Creating Communities Making Homes

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Shaping Cities Creating Communities Making Homes

Our desires for a life in and around the city are constantly changing. Ongoing transitions demand a great deal from the future city. Only if they continue to reinvent themselves, can cities remain welcoming environments to live and work in. Feeling at home, that is our goal.

A deep and thorough understanding of the complexities and developments of the urban environment is indispensable. Urban functions and lifestyles are rapidly changing. At LEVS architecten, we translate these changes into plans and designs that integrate living with those functions that residents of today and tomorrow require. Whether it means new buildings or intelligent repurposing, we use our knowledge of living, care, education and retail to realize buildings and environments that function in synchrony. Focused on facilitating encounters and flexible towards the future.

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Future of homes

We see that cities around the world are being challenged more and more every day. Researching these challenges at different scales, nationally and internationally, is crucial. Only then can we create new urban clusters where diverse groups of people can lovingly live together, work and reside. Think of an intimate residential ensemble that brings together starters, elderly people and young families or a large scale plan for housing and office spaces. Think of a care-home or a residential park with urban villas. We create a red thread through all of them: livability.

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Complexity as challenge

We understand that complexity is a given in each assignment, and make sure to find the essence of a question first. With calm and precise attention, we find out what a design needs and how we can add. Grounding in society, innovation and sustainable use of talent and materials form the pillars of our thinking. They help us come up with surprising solutions that go beyond what could initially be envisioned. From circular design solutions to biodiverse buildings. From combining tradition and innovation to involving users in the realization of a project.

We are flexible and outward looking when it comes to creating meaningful connections. Our optimistic approach leads us to turn apparent contradictions into unified visions. Our convictions are strong and realistic. They make for solution-oriented collaborations with clients and building partners.

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Seeking connections

A good design speaks for itself. LEVS develops the language. It is always the result of love, innovation and craftsmanship. For we believe that craftsmanship is sustainable and always contributes to the livability of a place. Our craftsmanship takes many forms. From intricate use of materials and perfect brickwork to the exact rendering of a design in BIM. From creating intelligent floor plans and flexible spaces to shared gardens and green facades.

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Design as craft